Marketing for Health services companies

Health industry includes different types of businesses: medical offices and practices, assisted living facilities, hospitals, veterinarians and more. All of them have in common three important elements when you analyze the marketing:

  • Visibility: the first thing is to be visible and reachable. The potential customers (patients in this case) must be able to find you in their local area. Local is very important for a health business since people prefer to go to a closer office.
  • Trust: patients need to trust the business even before going there for the first time. Managing online reviews and comments are very critical in order to build trust and increase referrals.
  • Emotions: when it comes to health for us or for our loved ones, the emotions drive our decisions. Any kind of communication with the patient (direct or indirect) must be focus on providing positive emotions. If we want to generate emotions, we need to interface by utilizing video and audio and not just text and images (a video is far better than just text in this case).

Following are some of the services we have provided to our customers in the Health industry:

  • Website: In most cases, the Website is the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. We designed professional and emotional websites in order to engage all visitors.
  • Reputation Management: It is very important for a Health company to be trusted. We monitor any comments or reviews that can appear on the Web and together with the customer manage them.
  • Directory Listing and Management: Visibility is a key element in marketing development for a Health company. For all our customers, we add their business on all the Health related online listings plus we manage their profile.
  • Print Marketing: Business cards, flyers and brochure are equally important elements for a Health company to promote their business.
  • Mailing Campaign: We design, organize and deliver mailing campaigns for Health companies to reach new potential customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  It is so important being on the first positions on Google. It takes effort, but it is one of the most important things you can do specially for local searches.
  • Social Media Marketing: Although Social Media Marketing is not usually a first priority for a Health company, it is true that nowadays Social Media is one of the first places where a potential customer lands to check and learn more about a business brand and reputation.
  • Video:  we often record and edit videos that eventually we publish on websites and/or social media. A video of an assisted living home facility or a video of a doctor’s interview can have a positive impact and increase the level of empathy for the patients.