Marketing for Hospitality companies

Hospitality industry is a broad industry that includes business services; such as, hotel and resorts, full service and taste casual restaurants, bars, mobile food services, catering, fast food facilities, sports and leisure facilities, event planning and more.

All the hospitality businesses by the way have something in common: the customer. Their customer is not moved only by need: a customer doesn't go to a restaurant only because he needs to eat but also because he is attracted by that business. There are obviously some differences between the various businesses: a fast food customer asks for a different experience compared to a full service restaurant but both customers are looking for something more than food and price; it is a combination of both.

Generally speaking, Location, Location, Location is by far the key for success.  There are various marketing activities that are needed to support a good location.

Marketing for hospitality services focuses on three important elements: reputation (to get people to come in), store marketing (to make people enjoy coming) and social media (to get people to come back again and again).

Following are some of the services we have provided to our customers in the Hospitality industry:

  • Website: In most cases, the Website is the first point of contact between your business and potential customers. We designed new websites for Hospitality companies that look professional and attractive at the same time. In addition, we provide features like reservation systems and/or e-commerce.
  • Reputation Management: It is very important for a Hospitality company to be appreciated.  Reviews are very important and it is even more important to answer to customers' reviews. We monitor the feedback and can also manage your Yelp's profile.
  • Print Marketing: Flyers, brochure, banners, menus are equally important elements for a Hospitality company to promote their business.
  • Advertising Campaign: We design, setup, manage online and offline advertising campaigns; such as, Facebook, Yelp, Google or magazine publishing. 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):  It is so important being on the first positions on Google. It takes effort, but it is one of the most important things you can do for your hospitality company.
  • Social Media Marketing: Although Social Media Marketing is not usually a first priority for a Hospitality company, it is true that nowadays Social Media is one of the first places where a potential customer lands to check and learn more about a business brand and reputation.
  • Door Hanger Distribution: for Hospitality companies, we design, print, and distributed door hangers in specific designated areas looking for potential customers.