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Deciding the right social media networks for your business and taking care of them is time intensive.
We completely take care of all your social media marketing. We will setup the right social media networks accounts, create and update the content in order to keep your customers always engaged and to acquire new followers and "like

Who We Are

We are an Advertising and Marketing Management Company located in Peoria, Arizona. We are an Arizona company supporting Arizona businesses. We welcome you to stop by our offices to ask a question or to discuss how to improve your marketing and sales. We have more than 30 years of experience in Digital Marketing. 


Facebook is definitely the most popular social media network worldwide. Being so popular there are some advantages for a business: easy way to connect to existing customers (that probably will be using Facebook already) and a large potential customer base.


Twitter is the second largest Social Media Network worldwide. The big advantage of Twitter compare to other social media is the relatevely easy process to gain followers (which means gain attention). It is also a must if the business is global because Facebook is very local, Twitter is able to reach a global scale easier.

Google +

Google + is as not popular as other social media networks, but it is a must for business. First of all Google + is connected to Google My Business, a directory service offered free by Google and connected to Google Maps. If you want that your business will show up on Google Map.


There are a lot of Social Media Networks, Online Communities and Website Aggregators. Our approach is learn your business model, understand which social media networks your business could need and work on those ones. Being on social media is not only a way to attract new customers, but sometimes it is more important to gain trust from potential customers.

What We Do

We believe that the biggest challenge for Small Businesses is not the Marketing but Managing the Marketing. Doing an efficient Marketing is an ongoing tasks, you need to do continuous adjustement, collect and analyze data, increase over the time the SEO perfomance. A lot of tasks that require a lot of time. You don't have time. We manage it for you!


We select the best social media networks for your business
Social Media Networks Analysis, Business Pages Setup, Assets Creation

Social Media CONTENT Management

We update the content on all the social media networks, we manage the customer relationship.
Content Updates, Customer Relationship Management

Social Media Advertising

We select the most efficient social media networks where advertise for your business and then we run and manage the campaign.
Setup Advertise Campaigns, Report and Analysis .

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We are a ONE STOP SHOP for all your Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Marketing and Printing needs. We are local in Arizona, specialized in Small Businesses and ready to help you succeed!

Some of our Testimonials

We do our best to satisfy all our customers. Find out more

We are a Gelato and Grocery store in Mesa, AZ. We have been working with ABC for 8 months now and they act as our Marketing Manager. Working in a food store all the time we don’t have a lot of time to take care of our marketing but we understand that is very important. ABC provides us all the things we need. Sometimes we don’t even need to give them details about what we need, we can say we need a flyer for this and they came up with all the marketing ideas. We meet monthly to check all the results, to come up with new ideas and initiatives and they completely take care of our social media, website, and instore printing marketing. They do a wonderful job with the monthly budget we provide them.


I hired ABC in February 2015 to manage my Website, all my social media accounts and to improve my business through advertising and marketing. After 1 year revenue grew by 600%. Actually it happened in less than 1 year because we started to advertise after 2 months since ABC needed time to setup everything properly. I gave them a budget (that was quite low) and they used my money in the most efficient way. They always communicated with me all along the way with what actions were being take as well as the results of those actions. They also came up with creative ideas that most of the time bring results to my business. They don’t limit their actions to execute what I ask but they are proactive and they always provide me with reports, to suggest things to do and have feedback of their marketing actions!


ABC has been hired by Classico Wines (wine distributor and importer in Arizona) to design a complete new Website and take care of all the marketing for the company. They did an amazing job so far. The new Website provides detailed information for each wine to all our customers. They also recorded video and published them on the Website increasing Website visits and brand awareness. They also helped us to analyze and design a new business unit we are creating providing us all the information and a business plan.